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Universe energy of love

The energy of the universe is the energy of love. It is through this energy that humanity originated and evolved. All things on earth were created and continue to arise in accordance with this energy. The architect creates a beautiful palace because he loves architecture, the designer creates an aeroplane because he loves aviation, and a person becomes a gardener because he loves flowers. Everything surrounding us is a manifestation of different kinds of love. When we go into a shop to buy orange juice, we do it not because people are drinking it at a nearby table, but simply because we love it. We create a world of love around ourselves in order to feel comfortable. We search for a person to love, have sex with, and reach orgasm, again, all as a result of our love.

The Cosmos never wishes ill on us, and never carries negative energy. Any negativity you receive is the fruit of your own negative thinking, which is repeatedly strengthened by the Cosmos. It is due to our imperfections that a human possesses negative thoughts, which in turn generate negative energy. However, according to the laws of the universe, this energy works against you.

You have recognized your problems; you are unable to find your loved one, your sex life does not satisfy you, you fail to reach orgasm. You want to find a solution to these problems, but you do not have enough energy – an intensified concentration of cosmic energy – in order to reach the peaks of love and harmony.

You need someone who can help you, who can create an increased concentration of Cosmic Love, and send it to you. A person operates much like a battery, which sometimes needs recharging. As an example, a person always feels better on a bright sunny day than when it is rainy and overcast, as the amount of energy received from the Cosmos is much higher in sunny weather. The same is true of the amount of light from different times of the day. The Master shall act as your conductor, uniting the Cosmos and your subconscious, and recharge it with the energy of love. Big changes are waiting for you, just as you are waiting for them.
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What People Say

Dearest Magister, I have no words to describe my feelings…This is real Magic!I cannot believe it but what I wanted has really happened.

James, 42 years old

You have given me my dream. I am living a brand new life now. I wrote an article about you, with many thanks.

Christina, 31 years old

I used to think that magic like this could only happen in fairytales and that I would never be happy again. All I can say is thank you Magister, because of you I now believe in magic.

Jose, 21 years old